Hang these cute keychains on your bag or on your keyring! They can even be used as toys for small children.


Price: $5.50

Size: 4cm x 5cm

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Price: $6.00

Size: 7cm x 5cm

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Price: $5.50

Size: 5cm x 2cm

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Price: $5.50

Size: 6cm x 2.75cm

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Price: $5.50

Size: 4cm x 2.5cm

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Price: $5.50

Size: 6cm x 3.5cm

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Customised products

Price: $10

Details: I will design a special product just for you! Just specify what kind of keychain you want (e.g. what animal/fruit/food you want me to make) and any specific colours.

Note: I may not always be able to make the kind of keychain you desire.

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